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T.I.A (This Is Africa) Trading House, is a firm of initiative affiliated to BTD MULTIGLOBAL COMPANY. Our Firm was established for the sole purpose of delivering quality service on absolute guidance and improving the quality of living to you through Mentorship, Tutorship, Empowerment and guidance in trading Binary Options.
Established in 2016, our mission is to train, enrich and support you, having the passion to create a financially independent and sustainable community of highly profitable traders, we will positively change your quality of living. At the expense of economic instability and rising inflation in most of Africa’s economies, our reality is that we will provide an escape hatch and constantly develop innovation to enrich you.


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We take innovative financial strategies and make them easy to understand and implement by diluting a mountain of information into a manageable set of key strategies, essential risk management procedures, and excellent support services. In transcending our origins of pure currency trading education, TIA TRADING HOUSE has morphed into so much more since our public launch in 2016

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